2019 DEKTA Conference

Friday, 13 September


On behalf of DEKTA I am delighted to invite you to register to attend the 2019 DEKTA Conference.

This year our theme is “diversity", which celebrates cultural diversity and the importance of inclusion in early learning and its impact.

This is a major event for early educators, particularly for those located in Melbourne’s north.  This annual conference is a “not-to-be-missed” event.  Again it will be held at Plenty Ranges Arts & Convention Centre, in South Morang.


With very engaging, expert keynote presentations and break-out workshops.  Also we will host the annual trade exhibition and opportunities for networking.


I look forward to seeing you on Friday 13 September for a fun filled event. 

Morning Keynote

Cultural Diversity is Everybody’s Business

Afternoon Keynote

The National Quality Framework - The Musical!

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Workshop 1

Becoming With Art in Early Childhood
Dr Red Ruby Scarlet

Asking the question ‘what counts as valid knowledge?’ is a thoughtful and practical way to open up discussions about how we plan for, and put art, into practice. We know that art is critical to children’s learning and self-expression. Using a series of current stories from her latest book ‘Becoming With Art in Early Childhood’, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet will dance delegates through planning and implementation processes of creating art spaces and places that enrich and inspire. She will also share current examples of how she undertakes this work in her classroom and how art is integrated into everyday practices.

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Workshop 2

Racism in Early Childhood 
Louise Dorrat

Racism doesn’t just start, it grows. Early childhood educators can stop it at the start. The early years are a critical time when stereotypes are reinforced and educators must be intentional in challenging racism every day. This takes knowledge and courage especially in areas with little cultural diversity.

  • How do our own biases impact on our practice? (EYLF, p.11)

  • Challenge stereotypes in promoting a culture of inclusiveness through an anti-bias curriculum (Ex Theme 2)

  • Encourage all children to challenge stereotypes and biases, and develop a deep understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity (Ex Theme 3)

  • Identify books, resources and materials that promote equity and inclusion. 

  • How to be brave in challenging casual racist comments in the staff room

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Workshop 3

Indigenous 6 Seasons & Cycles of Life
Port Phillip Eco Centre

Aboriginal people have close connection to the land and the cycles of life. Through participating in the 6 Seasons workshop participants will come away with greater understanding of the local seasons, the importance of sun, rainfall, weather, flowering of plants, fishing, hunting and harvesting activities. This understanding will assist participants to share Indigenous perspectives with their children. 

Cultural Diversity is Everybody’s Business

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet

Cultural diversity is everywhere, even in the most unsuspecting places and communities. Taking time to reflect on our reflective practices enables us to revisit the ways in which we plan for inclusion and cultural diversity. Diving into the 5 Principles from pages 12-13 of the EYLF, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet will share examples from her current teaching practices to illustrate how cultural diversity and inclusion are meaningfully integrated into everyday teaching practices rather than an ‘add on’ piece of the curriculum puzzle. In a series of stories that she calls ‘Professional Expressions’, Dr Scarlet will walk you through her processes and dovetail them with the EYLF and the NQS in practical and inspirational ways.


Louise Dorrat and Dr Red Ruby Scarlet

The National Quality Framework - The Musical!

In an all singing all dancing extravaganza, dramaturgical early childhood thespians, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Louise Dorrat, present a splendiferous spectacular salubrious engagement with the National Quality Framework. Grounded in poststructuralist theory, this keynote address is based on the questions: What counts as valid knowledge? Who decides? And 'in whose interest are they enacted?' These questions asked by Patti Lather (1991) similarly appear on page 13 in Principle 5 of the EYLF, of which Dr Scarlet was an architect. Using everyday life examples - such as the infamous ‘Working Toward Toast’, the constant debate about the ‘inappropriate footwear’ and the ’bed side table learning environments’, this keynote goes off script to engage with the National Quality Framework in ways that are creative, fun and rigorous. Get ready for an intellectual, ironic, engaging, toe tapping, hand clapping, finger snapping interactive performance festooned with favourite tunes including the smash hits 'QIP’’ (composed with ABBA), ‘Welcome, Wominjeka, Aalaam Alaikum’ (composed with Joel Grey) and ‘E.Y.L.F.’ (composed with The Village People). You’ll be dancing away convinced that dramatic arts are valid knowledge and they are a useful way to engage with, build understandings, and make sense of, The National Quality Framework… [insert jazz hands]...



Trade Show

Kevin Williams Designs

I am a descendant of the Waradjuri and l was born in Narrandera NSW. As a young boy l learnt the skills of making boomerangs from my father and grandfather. My interest in painting started when l was young when l would sit and watch my mother paint.

Reach and Match

Reach & Match Learning Kit is a social inclusive tool that empowers blind, visually impaired and children with additional needs.

M.A.N Made Creations

M.A.N Made Creations manufacture quality handcrafted wooden furniture and play equipment for Kindergartens & Preschools right here in Australia

Bellbird Kidz

Bellbird's emphasis is to supply quality Educational Resources to Early Childhood Services that will support a Centre's Pedagogy and enhance children's creativity and exploration whilst developing a lifelong love of learning.

Bellbird are offering 15% off orders placed on the day.

Nurture Toys

Nurturing your Child's Imagination. Nurture Toys was established to bring nurturing, natural & ELC quality toys to all children. We strive to supply the best quality, sustainable, natural toys.

Be the first to own our new Fair Trade Indigenous Resources by Indigenous Artist, Sherren Gross. Preorder before the conference & save 25% on the following three new resources. Email orders to admin@nurturetoy.com

MK Nordica

MK Nordika is an Australian-based company. We sell high quality and stylish Scandinavian designed Rainwear for women, men and children. We supply Rainwear to Early Childhood Centres, Kindergartens, Schools and Family Day Care Providers.

MK Nordika Conference Special is 20% off on our Scandinavian designed Elka Rainwear range. (This offer is valid on stock availability)

Sewing for the Kids

Sewing, Incursions and Costume hire for your Pre-School.

Sewing for the Kids will offer.....For all sewing/ incursions booked on the day of the conference, a free 1 week hire of a group of 5 dress-ups/costumes. Please contact Susan


Diamond Valley and Eltham Kindergarten Teachers Association was formed in 1987 to meet the professional development needs of kindergarten teachers working within the Shire of Diamond Valley and Eltham. Changes within council boundaries led to the inclusion of all kindergartens within Nillumbik and Banyule.

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