Diamond Valley and Eltham Kindergarten Teachers Association was formed in 1987 to meet the professional development needs of kindergarten teachers working within the Shire of Diamond Valley and Eltham. Changes within council boundaries led to the inclusion of all kindergartens within Nillumbik and Banyule.

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This is a valuable and low cost way for your pre-school to expand your educational programs.
Your membership entitles your centre to many and varied Resource Kits & Equipment.

For example: book binder, incubator, marimba, etc. and Literacy and Numeracy Kits.

Members check your emails for your login details or contact us to request.

For further information phone the Resource Library Coordinator:  Jo Barker on 0425747425.

Cost: FREE for Members

The Resource Library is situated in a building within the Eltham War Memorial Complex at 903 Main Road Eltham. 

Some items (Literacy and Numeracy Kits and Gym and Foam Mats) are stored at Diamond Hills Preschool at 11 Diamond Hill Drive, Greensborough.

Borrowing Protocol

Updated march 2019

  1. In order to borrow kits and equipment from the DEKTA RESOURCE LIBRARY teachers must be current members.

  2. The kits and equipment are designed for children aged 3-5 years.  Please ensure that children younger than this do not have access to them.

  3. Arrangements for borrowing equipment can be made by telephoning DEKTA Resource Library Coordinator, Jo Barker on 0425 747 425.

  4. The booking sheets will also be available at the DEKTA Teachers Meetings.

  5. To collect equipment or kits located at the Resource Library you must do the following:

    • If you have not already booked the item, contact Jo by phone to book it for the dates required.

    • Jo will provide you with the code for the key safe.

    • Go to the Resource Library located in the War Memorial Complex at 903 Main Rd, Eltham.  Enter the code in the key safe located near the door to access the library.

    • Record the item you have borrowed in the sign in and out book located on the back shelf in the library.

    • Collect your resources from the library.

    • Lock the door again and return the key to the key safe.

  6. Borrowing time is for 3WEEKS. Borrowing exception: an extension may be obtained only if you contact Jo on Friday afternoon to find out if the equipment is booked for the following week.

  7. If you have booked equipment but decide not to use it please contact Jo so the booking sheets can be adjusted and if you finish with the equipment early please return it so others have the option of using it. If the equipment is lost or damaged whilst in your care, it is then the responsibility of each member to replace or repair it (general wear and tear is excluded.)

  8. Individual kit checklists: In an attempt to keep our equipment in good condition we have implemented a checklist system. Once you have borrowed your kit you will find a checklist in each resource Kit and we require you to do the following:Make a photo copy of the checklist.

    1. Complete the checklist immediately and record any broken, damaged or missing items.

    2. Before returning the kit you need to complete the checklist again and indicate anything damaged or missing.

    3. Leave the completed checklist in the sign in and out book when you return the kit.

  9. Damaged or missing equipment: Please report any missing or damaged equipment to Jo ASAP. This enables the resource committee to organize repairs and or advertise missing resources in the next DEKTA Newsletter.

  10. Please ensure all equipment is packaged securely with all parts included before returning.

  11. Please return all kits to their appropriately labelled position in the Resource Library.

  12. Parking for the Resource Library is available on Main Road itself -just to the right of the Resource Library or there is a car park available just off Main road next to senior citizens hall on the old council offices site. 

  13. A trolley is available in the Resource library for use with heavy items.

  14. To borrow kits and equipment located at DIAMOND HILLS PRESCHOOL, please contact the preschool on 9435 8694 to make arrangements.

  15. We strongly rely on your cooperation to keep the Resource Library running well. Please follow the above protocol so that we can continue to provide a valuable service to all the teachers in DEKTA


NB Special protocol 


  • The Marimba (large wooden percussion instrument) requires two people to move.  The Marimba will not fit in a standard sedan car; it requires a station wagon or ute for transportation.

  • Our Body Kit:  The skeleton if for display and discussion only. Children do not touch.

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