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Relationships With Your Spaces

Your unique setting is powerful if it is given the recognition it is worthy of. The spaces you create have the potential to stimulate curiosity, inquiry and challenge thinking. How do we truly connect with our spaces so they are continuously magical and reveal sheer joy in learning?

Relationships With Your Spaces

This session will delve into:

  • effective strategies for setting up your spaces both indoor & outdoors

  • the power of provocations & how we determine what is relevant

  • ethical decision making to respectfully resource spaces

  • insight into post humanist thinking to identify our relationship within the environments


Nicole Talarico

Nicole Talarico

Talarico Consulting

Talarico Consulting

As the Principal Facilitator at Talarico Consulting, Nicole specialises in all areas of relevance to the field of early childhood, from her active involvement in the sector for over 20 years. Best known as an advocate for professionalism and children’s rights.

Nicole has worked in many roles in the early childhood sector, inclusive of local government children’s services teams, and managed a childcare field officer team before an early childhood consultant and trainer at Gowrie Victoria.

Nicole is personable, knowledgeable and specialises in exceeding service delivery; helping teams to create and maintain a positive workplace culture and community engagement.

Nicole assists services with governance, administrative systems, and decision-making and change management to align with professional standards.

Nicole’s coaching strategies have been outlined in a range of early childhood sector publications with particular reference to educational leadership, managing teams to value ethical decision making in curriculums, child safe environments and child protection responsibilities, environmental education and sustainability.

Nicole delivers presentations at conferences nationwide, and is often a key presenter in professional learning calendars and local government professional development programs.

Nicole is valued and respected member of many sector network groups and has a prominent presence on social media and virtual communication platforms.

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